Declaration Against Modern Slavery


Andrew Forrest has become a strong advocate for the movement against modern slavery. One of his actions after this signing the original document on 2nd December 2014 was to put the resources of his Minneroo Foundation to promoting this venture.    Andrew said:

“It’s one thing to know about a terrible problem and not be able to fix it; it is another to know about the problem and have the means to do something about it.”


Our commission was to expand the original book, make another duplicate book, and make boxes for both books.   It also entailed liaising with Australian calligrapher Gemma Black for the various statements and history of the movement which were hand-written in both books.


A glimpse of the work can be seen at the signing at Parliament House on 8 December 2015.        

Click here to view the video 



On 2nd December 2014, at the Vatican in Rome, 12 faith leaders signed a declaration against modern slavery.   They included Anglican, Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim Sunni, Muslin Shia, Orthodox and a Lay Christian.   One of the signatories on this day was Australian Andrew Forrest, well known mining figure. 


The completed book after binding

with the box open




The box which contains the book

The book is currently on display at the Australian National Museum in Canberra as part of the Australian of the Year display as Andrew Forrest is the Western Australian Australian of the Year for his philanthropy.